The first time I ever visited North Carolina wineries, I wasn’t all that impressed. But that was 10 years ago, and North Carolina had fewer than 50 wineries at the time. Today the state is home to nearly 150 wineries, and we are getting better at wine making.

My name is Natalie, and I love good beer and wine.  As a lifelong locavore (my mother dragged me and my brother to farmers’ markets), I’ve come to prefer the taste of food produced right in this state.  So exploring the state’s growing beer and wine industries seemed like a natural fit.

me and caroline

At Chatham Hill Winery, Morrisville.

The breweries are a newer discovery. I didn’t think too much of North Carolina beer either, until I tried Carolina Nut Brown Ale, brewed near my home here in Raleigh. I never realized beer actually could be … well, good. Today, there are easily a dozen breweries within an easy drive of my home, and I’ve just begun to explore them.

I am not an expert on beer or wine. If I hear someone say, “I taste chocolate” or “This one has a strong pineapple in the nose,” I totally agree. But ask me what I think? It tastes like wine!

I just know what I like to drink and what makes a fun visiting / tasting / touring experience. So whether you lean toward tapping beer from a keg, or uncorking a bottle of wine, join me on this ride from funky warehouse-style breweries to grand wineries with tasting rooms and restaurants. I hope you’ll be tempted to visit yourself!

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  1. Congratulations on your Tarheel Taps & Corks with over 2000 views success in less than a year! I love reading your blog and leaning about all the interesting wineries and brewers in North Carolina. Great job!

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