Nickelpoint Brewing: Welcome to the neighborhood.

Two cups of beer

Blonde ale at NIckelpoint Brewing.

Nickelpoint Brewing Co. sits on Pershing Street, near the intersection of Whitaker Mill and Old Wake Forest roads in Raleigh. It’s on the edge of an industrial area bordering one of Raleigh’s growing small-houses-inside-the-Beltline neighborhood.

The long-awaited brewery opened its doors earlier this fall, drawing in families in strollers and friends across generations. There were food trucks outside the brewery, outdoor picnic tables and a giant Jenga game made with two-by-fours that kept kids entertained while their parents enjoyed a beer. And this warm first day of December took me back to that beer on the picnic table a few months back.

Now, the brewery welcomes viewers of Monday night football, Tuesday trivia, Wednesday cornhole and a weekly lineup of food trucks.

The taproom is small and the brewery itself is big, so in cold weather guests will probably spill into the brewery. The beers choices were limited at first, but more are on the way. The blonde ale turned out to be a good choice. Nickelpoint Brewing looks to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Crowd at brewery

Opening weekend at Nickelpoint Brewing.

Kids with grandma and bunko.

Two future beer drinkers play giant Jenga with Mom.


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