Old North State Winery: In the heart of friendly Mt. Airy

Photo of winery front

Old North State Winery is in the heart of Mt. Airy.

Most of the wineries in Surry County take you through the rolling hills of the country side, but Old North State Winery will take you to the heart of downtown Mt. Airy, one of the state’s most charming small towns.

Signature wines here include the Halloween-inspired Restless Soul Red – a blend of Malbec, Tannat and Cabernet Sauvignon – and Bare Bones Chardonnay. The winery also sells its own beer, which is brewed in nearby Winston-Salem at Foothills.

The winery, located right on Main Street, also has its own Downtown Deli, with a variety of sandwiches, specialty pizzas and Mexican items from the grill.

Mt. Airy, birthplace of Andy Griffith, relies heavily on its Mayberry image for tourism, though wine is bringing more people to town. Enjoy strolling down Main Street, and maybe even catching a glimpse of the old patrol car from the vintage “Andy Griffith” television show about Mayberry.

Have a piece of homemade cake or pie at Barney’s … Though the Snappy Lunch gets a lot of traffic for its pork chop sandwich, the Bluebird Diner’s pork chop sandwich is amazing, fried or grilled. Don’t miss the peanut butter or key lime pie.

After you’ve spent a day touring the rural wineries, stop by Old North State winery in downtown Mt. Airy. (Don’t come to town on Sunday before noon – you won’t find anything open.) Look in the antique shops, candy and dessert shops, visit the Andy Griffith Museum,  see the statue of Andy and Opie (donated by TV Land) at the visitors center and visit Floyd’s Barbershop. Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

Photo of front of Barney's

Barney’s Cafe is one of the great local businesses with a Mayberry theme.


3 thoughts on “Old North State Winery: In the heart of friendly Mt. Airy

  1. Hi Natalie… I interviewed Ben Webb of Old North State in June and was able to re-visit this, one of my favorite stops in Yadkin Valley. They are so nice and their tasting room staff are always so helpful. The food is incredibly fresh, with their own herb garden and local suppliers of fresh produce and other deli staples. I love the approach of “farm to fork”.

    Hope you are doing well. Look for the article in an upcoming issue of Yadkin Valley Living Magazine.

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