Lynnwood Grill begins brewing its own

two mugs of beer

Lynnwood Grill now brews its own beer.

Raleigh’s Lynnwood Grill — with its rooftop bar, patio dining and lots of NC brews on draft — has long been a favorite watering hole. But in the last year, Lynnwood started brewing its own in behind-glass space at one end of the restaurant. Judging from the brews we tried recently, the brewing venture has been a success. On the rooftop one breezy summer evening, we tried the Helluva Hef Hefeweisen and the Bad Leroy English Brown Ale. Both were good choices, with a Classic Pizza and salads. Whether you’re just stopping by for a beer after work, or for 50-cent wings night, don’t miss a chance to try one of the new brews from Lynnwood Brewing.

Lynnwood Grill
4821 Barton Grove Road, Raleigh


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