‘Rhythm and Brews’ this weekend in Galax, VA

Two glasses of beer.

Fuller’s London Pride Premium Beer was offered for tasting.

So every now and then, Tarheel Taps & Corks gets out of good, old North Carolina to see what other states have to offer in the way of wine and beer. We really enjoy visiting the Galax, VA area, and were we delighted to see Creek Bottom Brews along the truck route that bypasses downtown.

Creek Bottom Brews is a bottle shop that has been open less than a year and offers an impressive array of draft beers. On Saturdays, they offer free tastings in the shop. Right now, they serve samples from bottles, but hope to add taps. The day we were there, they were pouring Kostritzer black lager and Fuller’s London Pride premium beer.

Virginia’s restrictive alcohol laws may keep the state from being a contender in the craft beer market. Apparently, even a bottle store or taproom has to make a certain amount of income from food. Creek Bottom Brews sells breads, cheeses and several other locally produced foods to meet this requirement. The owners would like to begin brewing one day their own beers one day.

This weekend, Creek Bottom is hosting Galax’s first “Rhythm and Brews” Fest with music and beer from six brewers, including Winston-Salem’s Foothills Brewing just about an hour away. The festival is in Creek Bottom’s parking lot from 1-8 p.m. Good times!

Creek Bottom Brews
307 N. Meadow St.Galax, VA



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