NoDa beer tasting in Raleigh

NoDa Beers

Coco Loco Porter, left, and Hop, Drop and Roll IPA from NoDa Brewing Co.

Members of the N.C. State University Club are treated to regular craft beer tastings, and last week’s tasting featured two beers from NoDa Brewing Co. of Charlotte.

NoDa is named for North Davidson Street, an old mill village north of downtown Charlotte that has been converted to an art district. The brewery is known for its American Pale Ales, India Pale Ales and Porters and specializes in small batch production.

The two beers we sampled were Coco-Loco Porter and Hop, Drop ‘n Roll IPA. As a dark beer fan, my favorite was the Porter, with nice overtones of chocolate and coffee. (Truthfully, I couldn’t detect the organic coconut in this beer.)

Hops lovers would be bowled over by the Hop, Drop ‘n Roll, which has a nice, citrusy taste. Those who sampled this beer said that some of the hop bitterness mellows as you drink.

Tuesday would be a great day to visit the Charlotte brewery, when a new beer in the NoDable Series is unveiled for the taproom only.

Here are descriptions of both beers from NoDa’s website:

NoDa Brewing Co.
2229 North Davidson St
Charlotte, NC 28205

beer and food

A glass of Coco Loco with NCSU Club goodies.


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