Trophy Brewing is a winner

Trophy sign

Trophy Brewing taproom is a great place to share a beer.

With a number of good breweries established in Raleigh, you’d think that one more – or three more – wouldn’t generate much interest, but you would be wrong. When Trophy Brewing recently opened on West Morgan Street in Raleigh, there were lines out the door to try these beers.

One twist: Before the brewery kitchen opens to sell pizza, the brewery sold $1 memberships to anyone who wanted to get in the door. That didn’t seem to discourage anyone – the small taproom was pretty packed the Saturday night after it opened.

Since it was a cold night, I tried 30 Fathoms Baltic stout, which Trophy describes as “Big, dark, chocolatey, with a hint of coffee.” More than a hint of coffee – if it wasn’t a cold beverage, I would have sworn I was having my first cup for breakfast. All four beers that I tasted on a friend’s flight were outstanding as well.

The taproom is small, but it was really hopping, and there seems to be plenty of space to enjoy a beer. It is decorated appropriately in a trophy theme, with trophies for the beer tap handles. And a patio is in the works to enjoy a pizza and beer in warmer weather. And the brewery is easy walking distance to other local restaurants. Looks like it will be a fun destination for First Fridays in the spring.

Trophy Brewing
827 W. Morgan St.
Raleigh, NC

Beer and a flight

Trophy’s 30 Fathoms and a flight.

Crowd at the bar

Taproom is hopping on a Saturday night.


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