Big Boss brews up a ‘boss’ tour

bottling line at Big Boss

The 50-year-old bottling line at Big Boss is slated to be replaced.

The second Saturday each month, Big Boss Brewing Co. of Raleigh opens its doors for a free tour. But what really draws the crowds is the three 12-ounce samples you can buy for just $1 each.  Several hundred folks line up for this tour.

And it’s a good tour, especially since Big Boss is one of the largest brewers in the area. And they have a bottling line – about 50 years old – that you don’t see at every craft brewery. (They say to come back soon because they’re upgrading the line.)

One room on the tour includes oak barrels used to age some of the brews, for a different twist. Bourbon whisky barrels and wine barrels give the beer a hint of whatever was aged in the barrel.

The week before the tour, we stopped by the taproom for a taste of Aces & Ates, the Big Boss stout, made with coffee from Larry’s Beans of Raleigh — located not too far away.

You’ll even find a few food trucks parked nearby for brewery tours and other special events. Visit the Big Boss website for more information. And on tour day, arrive early or you’ll be in line waiting to have your ID checked while those ahead of you are enjoying their $1 samples.

Big Boss Brewery
1249-A Wicker Drive
Raleigh, NC
Taproom open Monday-Saturday

bar at Big Boss tour

Samples for $1 are a big part of the Big Boss tour attraction.


Barrel-aged brews have a hint of the wine or bourbon that was previously aged in the barrels.

outside big boss brewery

On a warm fall day, crowds hang outside Big Boss Brewery after the tours.

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