Universities get into brewing scene

NC State beer at event

Beer made at N.C. State served at a recent campus event.

After reading recently about Appalachian State University’s new brewery, I was feeling a little left out. Why do the mountain schools get all the cool stuff?

At a recent campus event, I discovered that the food science students at N.C. State University are also brewing beer somewhere over in Schaub Hall. Two N.C. State brews were featured at a reception for the Agroecology Unit. And it was pretty good beer! I tried the Oktoberfest, but there was also a dark brew on tap that got a warm reception. Take that, ASU!

Read about NC State’s brewing participation in Chapel Hill’s recent “Homebrew for Hunger” event. “John Shepperd, a professor of food, bioprocessing and nutrition sciences was also at the event behind the tables. The NC State food science program donated two 5-gallon kegs of beer. As part of that program, Sheppard and his graduate students research fermentation. Beer just happens to be a by-product of that research.”

Now, if only we can get our own taproom! (Read more about App State’s.)

NC State beer

A stout-like beer and Oktoberfest ale were the beer choices from N.C. State.


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