Noni Bacca: International wines made here in NC

Noni Bacca tasting room

Allison and Kyle toast to great wine at Noni Bacca Winery.

At Wilmington’s Noni Bacca Winery, you won’t find a vineyard nearby where grapes are ripening. What you will find are some very fine wines, made with grapes shipped from around the world: Italy, Chile, Australia, Washington State, California and, of course, North Carolina.

Noni Bacca’s tasting room is very accessible in shopping center, off Wilmington’s Market Street. Owners Ken and Toni Incorvaia both have European wine-making roots, and their wines have won 57 medals at the Finger Lakes International Wine Festival, North America’s largest.

For $5, you can choose five wines to taste ($8, if you want a souvenir glass) or $8 for eight wines ($10 with a glass). My husband and I chose to taste mostly reds, while our daughter tried several selections of fruit wines. These Italian reds were my favorites: Noni Bacca House Red (Sangiovese), Under the Tuscan Sun (Lambrusco), L’Albero Della Vigna (Chianti) and Venetian Sunset (Montepulciano).

We bought a bottle of Vino Grande, a Brunella, while our daughter came away with bottles of peach and strawberry wine. The store will ship wine at no charge, when you purchase 6 or 12 bottles. And the winery also offers home wine making supplies and wine souvenirs. In Wilmington, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some fine international wines, made right in here in the Old North State!

winery awards

Noni Bacca Winery has won numerous awards for its wines.

Noni Bacca Winery
420 Eastwood Rd. #108
Wilmington, NC  28403

Tasting room hours:
Mon.-Sat., 10 am – 9 pm; Thurs., 10 am – 4 pm
Sun., Noon – 5 pm


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