Home brew? 19th century hop beer recipe from NC

Special thanks to Janice Gold for sharing her great-grandfather’s recipe for hop beer from the late 1800s. At N.C. State University’s hops field day a few weeks ago, Jeanine Davis said that North Carolina has a history of hop production, and here’s proof. Janice’s great-grandfather, Charles Edward Correll, lived in Rowan County near the town of Landis. The original image of the recipe is below, and here’s what I think it says:

“To make hop beer
Mix 14 pounds molasses and 11 gallons of water well together. Boil these for two hours with 6 g. (grams?) of hops. When quite cold add a cupful of yeast and stir it well. Let it ferment for 16 hours in a tub covered with a sack, then put into a 9 gallon cask and keep it filled up. Bring it down in two days, and in seven days it will be fit to Drink.”
Nov. 11th, 89



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